Swire Shipping

Showcasing sustainability and heritage

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Swire Shipping's new workplace in Auckland showcases their commitment to sustainability, employee well-being, and their rich maritime heritage. The design emphasises sustainability by using locally made furniture and recycled materials, including 100% recycled bases for tables and carpet tiles made from fishing nets. These design decisions reflect Swire Shipping's vision and values, ensuring that their workplace demonstrates their dedication to sustainability.

Emphasising the importance of their employees, Swire Shipping focused on creating a welcoming atmosphere in the new fitout. The entrance is inviting, and the prominent feature of the workplace is a large kitchen and breakout space with a stunning view of the harbour. Additionally, workstations are strategically placed near windows overlooking the shipping docks.

Design elements inspired by ships pay homage to Swire Shipping's rich heritage, with curved walls, floors, and lighting fixtures resembling a ship's hull, bow, and propeller. The meeting rooms utilise colour blocking inspired by shipping containers. By incorporating these design elements, Swire Shipping's new workplace pays homage to their history and creates a unique and meaningful space for their team and visitors.

Client Swire Shipping
Sector Head Office
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Status Complete
Size 720 sqm
People 70