Tompkins Wake

Setting the tone and enhancing the client experience

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Tompkins Wake fitout was an opportunity to showcase the company’s identity and create a timeless, refined and modern workplace. The brief was to deliver a high-end, premium space that enhanced the client experience while providing an efficient and modern workspace for staff.

The front-of-house arrival sets the tone of trust and professionalism and is unique to the brand and values of Tompkins Wake. Key moments, such
as arrival into the space, become signature experiences connecting staff and clients to the culture and purpose of the firm. Front-of-house has been designed to be multi-use for traditional meet and greets, hosting events and casual meetings.

A key consideration for the fitout was to re-examine the layout of the traditional law firm and explore the way visitors and clients experience Tompkins Wake’s brand from a visual and functional perspective. The layout created multifunctional zones allowing for collaboration with clients and a hybrid, flexible workforce.

Client Tompkins Wake
Sector Head Office
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Services Design
Status Complete
Size 660 sqm
People 50