Private Auckland Office

Professional, relatable and inclusive workspace

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This business required a workspace which would pull all of their business units together and be inclusive experience for their people and partners. A place of business that is comfortable for a diverse range of people, where technology meets integrity. A smart and professional space with a strong brand identity but still maintaining a comfortable down to earth feeling.

STACK provided a better user experience with a real sense of energy and a high technological focus ultimately allowing them to become more connected. It was important to capture and relate their unique business culture and combine that with a connection to nature.
Large communal indoor/outdoor areas provide a relaxed and friendly environment. Carefully considered workspaces and meeting rooms throughout provide the perfect backdrop to a relaxed team culture.

A sense of journey, is evident throughout, getting there is as exciting as the destination itself.

Client Private Auckland Office
Services Design
Sector Head Office
Location Auckland, New Zealand
Status Complete
Size 4360 sqm
People 390