STACK delivers workplace for Wynn Williams in Christchurch

15 January 2024

Designed with a focus on accommodating the legal firm’s future workplace requirements, Wynn Williams' Christchurch office spans three floors in Wynn Williams House in the CBD.

STACK increased the occupancy capacity by 20% and created a refreshed and modern interior workplace. The existing office spaces were retained, providing dedicated workspaces for focused work. Additional design considerations included the integration of stand-up desks, replacing carpet and flooring, and addressing air conditioning issues in the building.

The project concept aligned with Wynn Williams brand identity, and took inspiration from nature tones, natural materials, and textures. The building's advantageous features, such as views to the Botanical Gardens and the Port Hills, as well as abundant natural light, were considered in the design process.

You can view Wynn William's Auckland offices here.