May 2020

Hudson Gavin Martin creating an elegant sophisticated workplace

HGM wanted a timeless fit out, a sense of being a little edgy, but also mature as a company. The brief also included a connection to HGMs technology based clientele and their strong brand personality. A challenging fit out on many levels, but one we at STACK trust will keep our friends at HGM thriving in for years to come. View Hudson Gavin Martin>>

Catering to expanding needs and a maturing of the ITM brand

ITM as a business had grown significantly over the years, but the support office had not. Providing the perfect opportunity to cater to ITM’s expanding needs, creating a more relevant, modern, collaborative and open plan workplace. Explore ITM's new Head Office>>

ASAP Finance creating a minimalist, elegant & flexible working environment

ASAP Finance had a very clear picture of the look and feel that would reflect their brand.  Our brief for designing a new workspace for growing company ASAP Finance was to create a minimalist, elegant space that allowed for a flexible working environment.  View our ASAP Finance photos here>>

The new office?  There's no one size fits all

The answer to the big question above is that every business and the individuals within have different needs. The office of now and tomorrow must provide for these needs to ensure that the business can do what the business needs to do to both survive these times, but also to operate effectively and grow in the future. How can these needs be satisfied?  

April 2019

Wynn Williams a very natural, strong and sophisticated style

Canterbury-based Wynn Williams recently engaged STACK when they wanted to create a new office for its Auckland Team.  View the full portfolio here.

March 2019

Milford Asset space in a natural New Zealand way

We recently worked with Milford Asset, a specialist investment firm.  STACK delivered the multifunctional space Milford was craving - View the completed project here.

Round the Bays

Once again the STACK team completed Round the Bays, it was a wonderful day.  Thanks to those who joined us from Cape and SmartSpace.

February 2019

STACK - GIB Sponsors choice for the most fun team 2019

STACK once again participated in the GIB Architects regatta on Monday 25th February, and we had so much fun that the sponsors - GIB awarded us with the 'Most fun Team' for 2019.  What an awesome day out on the water!

Spark 5G Lab

Spur are a Sponsorship & Brand Experience Agency working for Spark. Spur and Spark worked with the brand developers Shine to develop a concept for a demonstration and experience space for the Spark 5G network.  The space is intended to display this new technology in a Spark branded experience space. These premises will be showcasing the new 5G network.


Stack was commissioned as the design partner to develop and detail the concept vision into a functional physical environment. A fun journey of design and collaboration resulted in a great space for Spark.


Check the link below for the construction journey! 

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October 2018

Office Snapshots publishes STACK's Shieff Angland project

We are delighted to have our Shieff Angland project published on Office Snapshots, an international online resource for the global design community. A fresh new approach to their legal environment meant a move to a more open and flexible style of work that feels relaxed yet professional and contemporary yet timeless. Client areas maximise the stunning views over the Waitemata Harbour, while ensuring a range of formal client spaces are complemented by a variety of alternative meeting, working and social zones. Key to the success of the project was the clear communication and strong collaborative intent between STACK’s talented designers and the client team. Check out the article on Office Snapshots and our Shieff Angland portfolio for more pictures.

September 2018

Sailing time again !

STACK is proud once again to be sponsors of the Murrays Bay Sailing Club Winter Championship. This is the eight year we have supported this fantastic event in which some of New Zealand’s finest young sailing talent compete. The Winter Champs includes coaching and training followed by three days of racing from the 5th - 7th October. See the Murrays Bay Sailing Club event information here:


Shieff Angland Moving into a bright future

With a strong pedigree in Auckland stretching back over 75 years, Commercial, Property and Litigation lawyers Shieff Angland saw a great opportunity to use their move to the Lumley building in Shortland Street to enhance their already strong family culture. View our Shieff Angland Portfolio here.

The Sustainable Business Network

STACK is now a member of the highly regarded Sustainable Business Network. With them, we have embarked on a journey to identify and measure the environmental impacts of our business. The Sustainable Business Network is the largest and longest-standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business in New Zealand – for more information visit their website

August 2018

Resene Colour Maestro - Commercial Interior Office - AA Insurance

A great night our AA Insurance project came runner-up in the Resene Colour Maestro Awards 2018. 

Resene's Total Colour finalists for 2018

We are very excited to have been announced one of Resene's Total Colour finalists for 2018. We look forward to celebrating at NZ Fashion week and the awards evening.

The Sustainable Business Network

STACK is now a member of the highly regarded Sustainable Business Network. With them, we have embarked on a journey to identify and measure the environmental impacts of our business. The Sustainable Business Network is the largest and longest-standing organisation dedicated to sustainable business in New Zealand – for more information visit their website

July 2018

The drive for wellbeing doesn’t stop at the physical environment

The Well Institute, whose research has revealed that the physical workspace is one of the top three factors affecting performance and job satisfaction. They advocate a holistic approach to staff wellbeing, considering the factors of air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

In part 2 of this article we discuss how we implement this in one of our recent projects, AA Insurance.

Imagine leaving work healthier than when you arrived ….

Imagine if, at the end of the workday, you feel calm and on top of things, mentally clear and ready for everything you do after work. Physically you feel energised, relaxed, and healthy. And imagine if that is thanks not only to your personal effort (kudos to you if it is, though!), but due to fact that your physical work environment, and the culture you work in, actively supports your health and wellbeing.

In part 1 of this article we share our thoughts about wellbeing in the workplace.

A welcoming start for our Bay of Plenty Regional Manager

Regional Manager, Annmaree Kane's Homecoming Story - How she has designed a new life in Tauranga has been published in Wish You Were Working Here’ an online community and connection hub for Tauranga. 

June 2018

The importance of time management, technology and the home office.

How remote workers use their time in the office is a clear point of difference from office-based staff. Perhaps due to the nature of their work, remote staff feel far more productive away from the office when it comes to deliverables. ‘There are just too many distractions and conflicting demands on my time when I go in to the office.

This is our final part in our three-part series on the reality of remote working and how to ensure success. In this article we share our own experience of flexible and specifically, remote working.

Team Hui

Last week we held a STACK knowledge ‘hui’, which is something we like to do a few times a year. The whole team get together to brainstorm and share new ideas, then we head out for a bit of fun. This time it was a pool comp, followed by a lively and delicious dinner. We value the creative and dynamic input our team contribute to the success of STACK and we love having fun together too.

Keeping communication channels open and effective

While freedom to structure their day is a key benefit to remote workers, the lack of management oversight is one issue that clients have flagged as a reason not to embrace flexible and remote working. This is more a problem of management rather than location. ‘If your people can be trusted to do their work well in the office, then they can be trusted to do their work well anywhere’ replies one senior manager, also based remotely.  Part two in our three-part series on the reality of remote working and how to ensure success.

In this article we share our own experience of flexible and specifically, remote working.



May 2018

Online Republic fit-out featured on Architecture Now

We are delighted to have our fit-out of Online Republic’s workplace featured on Architecture Now. Our interior design captures the golden age of travel with exquisite attention to detail and a sense of fun which reflects the company culture. The use of vintage furnishings, fixtures and the vibrant colour palette radiates the joy of a good vacation. A space where the Online Republic citizens love to work.

Article: In search of 'la dolce vita' - remote working tales from afar

When designing workplaces that meet the needs of both staff and the business, we find more and more clients are interested in flexible ways of working. Whereas flexible working covers a range of options, from changing start and finish times to avoid traffic, through to regularly working from different locations, remote working takes things one step further. Remote working generally involves colleagues permanently based away from the office and their teams. This can be (and in our case, is) highly effective but brings its own set of challenges. In this article we share our own experience of flexible and specifically, remote working.

Z Energy fit-out featured in Trends

We are delighted to have our Z Energy project featured in Trends. The Z Energy workplace delivers a feeling of inclusion and the 'New Zealand way'. It was important to design a space that was welcoming and friendly for staff and clients, as Z Energy had recently acquired Caltex. Spaces were designed for varied types of work from quiet, focused work, through to lively collaboration. Social spaces include references to the Kiwi lifestyle such as ‘the deck’ for summertime team BBQs. The conference room windows have empowering words in Maori and English printed on them, including kotahitanga which translates as ‘oneness’.

Home Base and Touch Down - no longer just sporting terms

This interesting Office Inspiration article suggests the ideal office is made up of eight zones tailored to a specific aspect of the work environment. For example, Home Base is a quiet area for concentrated and focused working. Touchdown is a zone for spontaneous, flexible working. Whatever name you give to areas within your workplace, the key to successful office design is making sure all the needs of your team are met. One size no longer fits all.

CoreNet Global NZ May 2018 Symposium

Our very own David Maurice is moderating the first two sessions at the CoreNet Global NZ Symposium in Auckland on Thursday 3 May. The concept of ‘experience’ and how it relates to real estate will be discussed along with the question: how can buildings become experiences that attract people, keep them engaged and add value to the business? View the event programme here.

April 2018

Online Republic featured by CBRE

Here’s the latest edition of the CBRE Workspace eBook. Go to page 15 to see an article on the awesome space we designed and delivered for Online Republic in Madden Street. We love helping our clients transform contact centres into spaces that are fun to work in.

March 2018

Article: Workplace design trends over the past 20 years

Come with us as we explore workplace design over the last 20 years, seeing how it's changed and the trends that have come and gone. Discover some of the first clients we ever worked with, and clients who have chosen STACK time and time again.

Article: Reinventing the modern contact centre

There’s a new breed of contact centre – it’s light, open and flexible. This is thanks to STACK's unique design principle Reality Based Working, and it’s a world away from the soulless cubicles and headset-sporting staff you may be picturing. Learn more about how we’re helping our clients transform contact centres


New STACK office in the Bay of Plenty

Increasing client demand for our services beyond Auckland and the return to New Zealand of an original STACK team member, Annmaree Kane, has led to a very exciting move: we're opening a full time office in sunny Bay of Plenty. See why we've chosen Tauranga and meet Annmaree.

Your chance to see Z Energy's new office space - CoreNet Talk & Tour

CoreNet NZ is hosting a Talk & Tour on Tuesday 27 March of Z Energy’s fantastic new office space in Greenlane, Auckland. We are delighted to showcase our project, which was a pleasure to work on with the awesome Z Energy team. Vibrant colours, industrial elements and ‘outside the box’ design solutions helped create a place where people love to work. Want to see for yourself? Join the tour here.

February 2018

Team STACK take to the water

Much fun was had yesterday in the annual GIB Architects Regatta. We have a proud history of winning this race or coming flat out last – just as well we love taking part! What a fantastic day and a great opportunity to work together as a team in a very different environment.

We are celebrating 20 years in business!

20 years ago this month, STACK was founded by three enthusiastic and enterprising individuals David Gunn, Rose Whitley and Joseph Walden. From small beginnings, STACK have become a highly regarded business interiors specialist and an internationally recognised design practice. Our talented team deliver innovative, beautiful and brilliant workplaces where people love to work. Over the next few months we will be profiling some of our early projects, looking at how office design has changed over the last 20 years and sharing how we are celebrating this fantastic milestone in 2018. Click here to see some images from our early days in business.

Sneak peek at AA Insurance's new offices

AA Insurance are about to move into their new offices in the recently revitalised area of Sale Street in Auckland. Their beautiful new workplace meets the needs of all the various parts of the business with an open, airy feel using a muted colour palette. Multi-purpose seating nooks and fun space dividers add energy and interest. Professional photos to come but for a sneak peek, take a look here at a few snaps our designer took as the project was completed.

Office Snapshots publishes STACK's Z Energy project

We are delighted to have our Z Energy project published on Office Snapshots, an international online resource for the global design community. We designed a bold and modern workplace that captured Z Energy’s passion for nurturing people, community and creativity while delivering their vision for a sense of ‘Oneness’ – Kotahitanga. By combining design elements with an industrial edge, a vibrant colour palette, lighting and furnishings, the fit-out beautifully reflects the Z Energy brand. The final result is a series of spaces that people love to work in. Check out the article on Office Snapshots and our Z Energy portfolio for more pictures.

Predictions and Resolutions for 2018

Our very own David Maurice is moderating two CoreNet events this week in Wellington and Auckland, with a team of expert panellists discussing predictions for corporate real estate in the year ahead. What does 2018 hold for your business? How will the trends affect you? Watch this space for some important insights.

December 2017

STACK's out for summer

The team at STACK thank you for your support in 2017 and wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, a prosperous New Year and a relaxing summer. We’ll be closing for the Christmas break on Friday 22 December, reopening on Monday 15 January 2018. We look forward to delivering more workplace design brilliance in 2018 – get in touch for a chat over coffee to see how STACK can help you in the new year.

STACK delighted to win a Z Energy Supplier Hero Award

We are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded Z Energy’s ‘Have the Passion’ Hero Award as part of their annual Supplier Hero Awards. Z Energy’s Greg Lynas and Sunita Musa nominated STACK in recognition of the way in which we captured Z Energy’s vision, connected with it and brought it to life in a truly special way, continuously showing passion for the finished product.

Our Lead Senior Designer on the Z Energy project, Chantal Gaiqui, has done a brilliant job of fusing spatial, futureproof design with creative solutions to provide the Z Energy team with spaces they love to work in.

The award recognises and celebrates partnerships with key suppliers and we are delighted to have worked with Z Energy on their stunning new Auckland offices.

“Working with the team at Z Energy on creating their new office environment in Auckland has been an incredible journey and very rewarding. Their strong sense of cultural identity and commitment to their core values gave the project an extremely rich platform for the design to evolve. Thrilled with the result both visually and experientially in creating a workspace people love to be in.”  Chantal Gaiqui, Lead Senior Designer, STACK Interiors.

In with the new - directors, team building and projects

Ensuring STACK is always responding to the needs of our clients is one of the reasons why we appointed two new directors in 2017. Discover more about them and what we’ve been up to, besides working hard.

Looking forward, we’re excited to unveil our workplace design brilliance for AA Insurance in the recently revitalised area of Auckland’s Sale Street, and Southern Cross in Britomart which is a fantastic example of our Reality Based Working design principle – watch out for more details in our next newsletter.

Pushing the envelope

Imagine having your workplace designed like your home, with different rooms for different activities. Employees need the right environment to be productive, thrive and succeed. This isn’t about closed offices versus open plan – the right environment might use a range of workspace options in one organisation. This interesting Inc. article discusses how some global companies are pushing the envelope to get the most out of their teams. We call it Reality Based Working.

November 2017

Bloomberg's new awe-inspiring offices in London

Located in the city of London, Bloomberg’s new European headquarters designed by Lord Foster, are understated on the outside but breath takingly beautiful on the inside. Designed to be sustainable and enduring, the two interconnected buildings are stunning with wow factor in every aspect of the architecture, interiors and sustainability ratings. Read the BBC article here for more detail and images.

Online Republic Talk and Tour event a great success

Thank you to CoreNet Global NZ for hosting last night’s fantastic "Talk and Tour" of Online Republic. We are thrilled with the feedback on this awesome space that is now home to the #ORCitizens in GridAKL’s Innovation Precinct. Click here for more images from the event and view our Online Republic portfolio here.

Concentrating in a collaborative space - an introvert's nightmare

Introverts and extroverts have different needs – designing for both is important. Introverts need access to quiet spaces for focused work, but in trend driven design this can be overlooked. Here’s an interesting Fast Company article which looks at designing better offices for both introverts and extroverts. We call it Reality Based Working – the STACK design principle which includes everyone.

Is Activity Based Working really the solution?

Activity Based Working is a design principle that has been around since the late 1970’s and really gathered momentum by the mid-1990’s. However, research earlier this year by Leesman indicates that while at a company-wide level, ABW seems like a good idea, when you get into the detail – it still has failings where the majority of employees do not change their traditional behaviour to adopt the new workplace environment.  How to resolve this? Are the right questions being asked? Are the right people being asked the right questions? At STACK we believe it is vital to understand the needs of your whole team to design a successful workplace that will actually be fully utilised and enjoyed by all. Read our article here on why we prefer to use our Reality Based Working design principle to ensure the best outcome for your whole team.

Office Snapshots publishes STACK’s Anderson Lloyd project

We are delighted to have our Anderson Lloyd project in Britomart’s Australis Nathan building published on Office Snapshots. We designed spaces for Anderson Lloyd that are bright, contemporary and open plan, using a mix of textured materials including exposed brick and native timber beams while still retaining the historic features of the building. Check out the article on Office Snapshots here and our Anderson Lloyd portfolio here.

Z Energy’s new head office delivers a sense of ‘oneness’

STACK designed Z Energy’s new Auckland head office to reflect their status as one of New Zealand’s most innovative and forward thinking organisations. The final result is a series of spaces that people love to work in, delivering real time communication, efficiency and an overall sense of ‘oneness’ within a unique and enjoyable company culture. View our Z Energy portfolio here.

Online Republic's new office space - Invitation to Talk and Tour

CoreNet NZ are hosting a Talk and Tour on Thursday 23 November of Online Republic’s fantastic new office space in Madden Street, part of the Innovation Precinct in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. We are proud to have designed and delivered this beautiful workplace for the #ORCitizens and are thrilled for the opportunity to showcase our project and contribution to the growing buzz in this part of the city. Want to see for yourself? Join the tour here.

Article: The importance of asking the right questions

Understanding the needs of your team is key to successful workplace design. The standard fit out of a desk and chair in a cubicle is no longer relevant in the modern working environment. Make sure you’re not missing an opportunity to get the best from your team. Read our article on why asking the right questions leads to the right workplace.

October 2017

Article: Swings, slides and other tools for creativity

How do you spark innovation and creativity in your organization? According to many utilisation studies, most desks are only used around half the time. Maybe you should get rid of the desks and boring meeting rooms and install a few swing chairs or a slide to make the creativity flow?
Does that really work or is this an extreme office trend that has failed to deliver? Read our article to see why you should avoid getting caught up in office design fads.

Workplace wellbeing - dogs in the office

In our office, we are lucky to have some canine colleagues. Poppy and Benji are always welcome at STACK and while they don’t contribute many design ideas, they are fun to have around and enhance the general wellbeing of our team and workspace.  Do you have dogs in your office? The benefits are numerous as outlined in this Guardian article.

Backlash against extreme office design

Finding the right balance between an open plan layout and individual work stations can be a challenge in workplace design. Does everyone need a desk or is a café setting right for creative innovation and collaboration? These seem like sensible considerations to make when designing a successful workspace – and then there are extreme workplace designs. How about working on a treadmill, playing a game of ping pong, or drinking free beer to increase productivity? A 2017 study by a firm of New York architects Ted Moudis, confirms a backlash against extreme office design. Read the ‘Real Deal’ article here and click here for the Ted Moudis report.

Silver for STACK at Best Design Awards

We are delighted for our talented team who were awarded Silver at the 2017 Design Institute of New Zealand’s “Best Awards” on Friday night, for our BDO Auckland office project. Fantastic work by everyone, but especially Felicity Wong, Jesse James Smith, David Plaistowe, Joseph Walden and Sally Vandal. Check out the work we did for BDO here and the Best Awards site here.

Working with Gen X, Y and Z?

How do you accommodate a multi-generational workforce in your workplace? Each generation has different expectations of their office surrounds and although they have different working styles, each generation makes a valuable contribution to the progress and success of your business. How do you get the best out of everyone? By designing a unique workspace tailored to meet the needs of your entire team, whatever generation they are – we call it Reality Based Working. Read what Forbes magazine has to say on multi-generational workplaces.

Does your organisation suffer from workplace dissatisfaction?

Poorly designed workplaces can impact on the success of your team and your business. Noise levels and the space between team members are two factors responsible for reduced productivity highlighted in the recent Leesman global report. At STACK we know one size does not fit all and to be successful, workspaces need to be designed to meet a variety of needs and purposes to benefit your whole team and your bottom line. Read our article on Reality Based Working and click here for the Leesman report.


Article: Why workplaces are our new communities

Just a few short years ago, the “death of the office” was decreed. Remote working was hot. Yet new thinking confirms the innovation that comes from creating workplaces which bring people together to interact far outweighs productivity gains achieved remotely.  How can collaboration foster unbridled creativity in your organisation? Read more.

September 2017

Article: Reality Based Working

Taking all the best lessons from past workstyles - combined with a deep understanding of a client’s strategy, business needs, the culture, and the diversity within the organisation - we are able to present unique solutions that deliver exactly what your business needs not just to survive disruption, but to thrive. One size does not fit all and the solution is Reality Based Working – the future of successful and brilliant workplace design. Read our full article here.

We are sailing...

STACK is proud once again to be sponsors of the Murrays Bay Sailing Club Winter Championship. This is the seventh year we have supported this fantastic event in which some of New Zealand’s finest young sailing talent compete. The Winter Champs includes coaching and training followed by three days of racing in early October. Check out a few photos from the event here and the event page here. STACK Winter Champs

Online Republic move to Wynyard Quarter

Online Republic have relocated to their STACK designed workspace in Madden Street, part of the Innovation Precinct in Auckland’s Wynyard Quarter. Online Republic are settling into their fantastic new offices on the top floor – high ceilings, huge opening windows and stunning harbour views compliment the creative design by our talented STACK team. Check out the moving in pics here that we shot when we had a quick walk through the other day. Professional images to follow, along with a case study.

Details Matter

Details Matter at STACK – we make sure workplace design is not only functional and practical, but beautiful, and this means taking care of the details. The idiom “the devil is in the detail” refers to a mysterious hidden element in the details – a task may appear simple at first, but will take more time to complete than expected. This derives from the earlier phrase “God is in the detail”, expressing the idea that whatever one does, it should be done thoroughly.  Details matter – attention paid to small things has big rewards.

Photography: Rebecca Swan.

Are your workspaces designed to suit your whole team?

One size does not fit all and this also applies to the workspaces you provide for your employees. STACK make the effort to find out the needs of your team before designing a workspace, to make sure everyone is able to perform at their best, whether they are an introvert or an extrovert, always at their desk or mobile. Open plan offices provide opportunity for collaboration and innovation whereas private quiet spaces for productive distraction free working, are just as important. Read a Tech Republic article here

#TBT OfficeMax 2006

This fitout completed in 2006 is still looking good and working well today for OfficeMax. Spaces designed for flexible working with a large shared café and open atrium, are still fresh, light and airy. Clever timeless design by STACK. Click here to see more images.

The costs and benefits of flexible working

Thinking about 'work from home' or 'remote working' options for your team? Telecommuting saves employer’s money, increases productivity, improves employee satisfaction and expands the talent pool - but is it right for your organisation?

AA Insurance sneak peek

Exciting new project for AA Insurance in the Sale Street area. Preparing for floors to be opened up to make way for a fabulous new connecting stair. Click here to see more pictures.

August 2017

Sneak peek...

Online Republic are moving to a new building in Madden Street, part of the Innovation Precinct of Auckland's Wynyard Quarter. Their cool new space is on the top floor, with huge opening windows, great harbour views and fabulous high ceilings. An exciting new fitout is underway!

STACK in-house artwork competition

Check out the winner of our own in-house artwork competition, ‘Be Out there’, an imaginative and beautiful design. Each STACK team was challenged to create a piece of unique artwork that represents one of our four values of ‘Be together’, ‘Be Out there’, ‘Be On to it’ and ‘Be good’. Rebecca Swan our photographer, had the tough task of choosing the successful entry from our talented STACK team’s creations. Click here to see the other artworks and our team in action.

The magic of 'switch glass'

Meeting room privacy at the flick of a switch at Caldwell Partners, Vero Building,  48 Shortland Street, Auckland.

STACK's project with BDO announced as a finalist in the Best Design Awards 2017

We are excited our project for BDO's new office space has been selected as one of the finalists in the The Designers Institute of New Zealand Best Design Awards 2017.


July 2017

Designing the modern law firm

Legal work and legal culture are changing the way the modern law firm is designed. A new approach to space and the expectations of clients and staff are only a few of the factors behind the shift. STACK's recent article in LawFuel New Zealand explains what's behind the change.

Law firm goes open plan

Modern law firms are now considering different ways of working, which in turn are influencing their workplace design.  Anderson Lloyd is one of these firms who engaged STACK to create a contemporary and collaborative space for staff and clients to enjoy.  Find out the result of STACK's work here.

Iconic Auckland building gets an interior revamp

The Kiwi Bacon Building is a well-known landmark of Kingsland, Auckland.  STACK had the privilege of revamping the space, which is now a modern and tasteful design to be enjoyed by future tenants.  To find out more about this project read our case study here.


June 2017

Office Snapshots publishes STACK's BDO Auckland project

BDO Auckland wanted their new office space to match their status as a high end and professional accountancy, tax and advisory firm. They turned to the STACK team to deliver an environment needed to support their culture of collaboration and communication with a ‘one team’ feel. Office Snapshots recently profiled the successful result. Click here to read more.

May 2017

Reflecting a natural, organic ethos through beautiful design

Street Organics café in Takapuna, Auckland specialises in organic, real food. This ethos is reflected in the café’s natural and edgy feel. See how we delivered this project, and the well-planned space that allows for many exciting future opportunities. Read more.

Go online to be inspired

Our brand-new website showcases how we can help you achieve workplace design brilliance. From an overview of our services to downloadable PDF case studies for easy sharing with your colleagues and your team, we hope our new website provides inspiration for your next project.

If there's something you'd like to see on our website, or questions you'd like answered please contact us. We'd be delighted to assist.

Why ‘collaboration’ is more than a buzzword

Effective collaboration – working together to reach a goal – is essential to a well-functioning workplace. Discover what collaboration looks like in the modern workplace, and to STACK and our clients, with the article we wrote for Office Snapshots. Read more


BDO case study

A tight pre-Christmas deadline, a top-end finish with natural garden elements for a global brand, and an open, light feel that still maintained client privacy were the hallmarks of our fitout for BDO. Explore BDO’s new office in this case study.

Corenet Symposium 2017 - Humanity and the Machine

The STACK team are looking forward to attending the Corenet symposium 2017 at Auckland's Shed 10 on Thursday May 18th. Our team member David Maurice will be moderating the afternoon sessions on NZ Tech innovation. We look forward to catching up with contacts old and new on the day. Click here for more details 

April 2017

Office Snapshots - On Collaboration : An interview with Jesse James Smith and Lara Stancich

Office Snapshots recently interviewed two of our Designers on the concept of collaboration in the modern workplace. Click here to read their views 

October 2016

BusinessNorth Magazine featured our recent project for 68 Sale Street in the October edition

Click here to read the full article, which also includes our retail fitout for Giusto Cafe and Bar.

Working with BDO New Zealand

We are pleased to announce that we will be working with BDO New Zealand, as we design their new Auckland Office.  BDO are moving into new premises located at 4 Graham Street. Our second project within this building.

September 2016

Ngati Whatua project

Recently we worked with Ngati Whatua to complete a fitout that represented their brand and culture. Click here for further information regarding this project 

August 2016

Finalist at the BEST Awards for the Maersk Line Fitout

We are extremely pleased to be made a finalist at the BEST Awards for the Maersk Line Fitout.  For further information regarding this project click here.

May 2016

MediaWorks project complete

Stack are very proud of the work that we completed for MediaWorks.  For further information regarding this project click here.

Maersk Line project photos

Stack is thrilled to present the photos of our our 3rd workspace we have designed for Maersk Line, click here.  

April 2016

Stack projects are now featuring on the workplace design platform

Stack are delighted to announce our projects are now featuring on the workplace design platform Kontor. Recent projects including Roche, Wherescape, Springer Healthcare and Toyota Finance can now be found on the Stack profile. Kontor is quickly becoming one of the leading networks for workplace design. We look forward to adding even more of our exciting projects in the future.

Fitout for Maersk Line

Stack recently completed a brand new fitout for the Maersk Britomart office in downtown Auckland. 

Stack partners with Mediaworks to create a newsroom transformation

Interior Magazine have featured Stack's recent project for MediaWorks, this project has revolved around the launch of their brand new NewsHub.  Full information on this project can be found in their latest March-May issue. Read the article by clicking here.

February 2016

Office Snapshots features Stack work

Office Snapshots recently featured the work we did for global pharmaceuticals company Roche at their Auckland City Office. Take a tour through the office by clicking here 

December 2015

A tour of wherescape

Officelovin' takes us on a tour of Wherescape's 'Super Cool' Auckland office, designed by STACK. Click here for details

Stack Winter Champs

October saw the fifth year that Stack has sponsored the annual Winter Champs, a sailing event held at Murrays Bay. 

Some of New Zealand finest sailing talent gathers for coaching and training and three days of racing.  Current and future international champions join this event which we love to support.

November 2015

Office Snapshots

Office Snapshots recently showcased our "bold and striking design" for Toyota New Zealand's new office at the Millennium Centre in Great South Road. To tour the project click here

Business analysis firm Redvespa's new Auckland office

Stack recently delivered business analysis firm Redvespa's new Auckland office in the heritage Kauri Timber Building on Fanshawe Street. Click here to read the great interview by the NZ Herald Business News with their CEO Sarah Gibson.

LZF featured our recent project for Munich RE

LZF featured our recent project for Munich RE located in Auckland CBD on their blog. To view click here

October 2015

Office Snapshots Covers Springer Healthcare Project

Office Snapshots recently profiled our Auckland HQ project for Springer Healthcare. Take a tour through the office by clicking here

2015 Stack Winter Champs

The beginning of October saw the 2015 Stack Winter Champs held at Murrays Bay. New Zealand's finest young sailors gathered for coaching & racing. Stack proudly sponsor this annual regatta. Images here


We are excited to be working with Maersk for a third time as they undertake a relocation from the CPO building. Watch for more news.

September 2015

New fit out for WhereScape

Stack recently completed a fresh new fit out for WhereScape in a series of spaces that where converted from a tavern and retail space. Images here 

David Maurice has joined Stack

We are delighted to announce that David Maurice has joined us as Business Development Associate in our growing New Zealand team.

David has joined Stack from AECOM NZ Ltd, where he was sales & marketing manager for New Zealand. Before that, he spent 14 years with global workplace designers M Moser Associates in a series of leadership roles in business development & marketing communications in the UK, Asia-Pacific & New Zealand. 

David will be focusing on building on our successful track record throughout New Zealand with an increased focus on achieving innovative solutions for our clients. We are excited to have David with us.  

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July 2015

Creating flexible meeting & training spaces for the warehouse

Check out the large flexible meeting & training spaces in the new Warehouse offices. Click here

June 2015

New building for The Warehouse

Click here for images of the new building.

IAG New Office Space

IAG recently moved into additional space in No.1 Nelson Street. Click here for images.

KempsWeir New Penrose Office

KempsWeir have bright new offices in Penrose. Click here for images. 

New workspace for WhereScape

We are currently working on a new workspace for the team at WhereScape. Completion is in June. Photo's now available here.

May 2015

Sale Street Project

We are working on a major refurbishment of two adjoining buildings in Sale Street. Work started on demolitions last week. Progress images to follow.

February 2015

The Warehouse new building extension

The Warehouse have just completed a new building extension to their Northcote head office. Images of the new interiors coming soon.

December 2014

The Commission for Financial Capability have relocated to new premises in Britomart.

Click here for images

October 2014

Cash Converters new office

Cash Converters have moved into an open & collaborative new office in 203 Queen Street.


The STACK Winter Champs are ON! Tuesday 20th September coaching starts. The regatta kicks off on Thursday 2nd October & runs until Sunday 5th. Stack is proud to be the principal sponsor of this great sailing event. 

September 2014

New offices for ICBC

 New offices for ICBC in PWC Tower & new retail branch in Queen St.

Toyota Slick new offices

Toyota Offices Slick new offices in Mt. Wellington. Click here to view images.

Global Dairy Trade relocation

Global Dairy Trade recently relocated to CITYGROUP building.

Elegant new offices for the team at Crawfords.

Click here to view images

August 2014

STACK Winter Champs 2014

This exciting youth sailing event takes place early October. Watch for more details.

Jade World new office space

Jade have moved into their new space. Watch for photos coming soon.

Cash Converters

Cash Converters have moved into crisp new offices. Photos coming soon.

Transforming Workspaces

Watch a flexible group of STACK designed meeting spaces transform.

Toyota board room from STACK on Vimeo.

June 2014

Bright new offices for Springer Healthcare

Springer Healthcare recently relocated to bright new offices in Northcote after many years in their Mairangi Bay headquarters. 

Click here to view images.

The Warehouse Northcote headquarters renovation

After an extensive renovation of their Northcote headquarters, STACK is working with The Warehouse on a new 400 person building

Cash Converters fitout nearing completion

We are excited as a new fitout for Cash Converters is nearing completion in 205 Queen Street.

April 2014

AMP Tower

AMP has moved several teams into one large floorplate in AMP Tower, Downtown Auckland. 

Click here to view images.

ICBC move into PWC Building

ICBC have moved into new STACK designed offices in the PWC Building.

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